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New Client Application

Thanks so much for your interest in working with us! Please fill out this form, which lets us have a better understanding of your goals and limitations that need to be known.

In-person training is at Versatile Fitness, located at 1478 George Dieter in El Paso, TX

Welcome to the 365 Physique Family!
Which program(s) are you interested in? (Choose all that apply)
How active are you?
How would you describe your level of exercise experience?
How many times per week do you want to workout?
Have you ever worked with a personal trainer?
Do you smoke?
How ready are you to invest $300-$700 a month in improving your health?
Do you understand that miraculous pills and Hollywood secrets do not exist, and hard work and commitment to that hard work lies ahead?

Thank so much! We’ll be in touch.

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