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Online Personal Training


Are you struggling with staying accountable with your workout consistency? Do you find yourself confused about what exercises you should be doing?

Allow 365 Physique to take it from here! Just like our personal training clients, as an online client, you get:

  • Professionally designed workouts that are just for you and reaching your goals

  • Video, phone call, and text message check-ins from Coach Julio

  • Easy to follow video instructions on your assigned exercises

  • Personal training at a fraction of the cost!


Train Wherever You Want, Whenever You Want!

  • 12- or 24-Week Training Package

  • Customized personal training plan -- Workouts tailored to your goals and plans that adapt as you improve

  • Meal plans designed to help meet your goals, whether it's for weight loss, building muscle, or whatever

  • Organization, Accountability and Results You Will Love -- The days of wandering around the gym are over because you're now training with purpose

  • Exercise Technique Video Analysis -- Send me videos of your exercises and get a detailed breakdown of how we can make improvements

  • Chats with your Personal Trainer -- I want you to hear my excitement when we celebrate your achievements

  • Video examples of exercises -- See how to perform exercises with correct form

  • Short- and Long-term Success plan -- Detailed plan on what we can do now and how to make the results last

  • Fitness when and where you want -- Train as many times per week as you feel necessary, train as long as you'd like, at the gym you want

  • Email Support -- I'm here to answer your questions

$150 bi-weekly

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