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Romanian Deadlift

  1. Holding the barbell using a pronated (palm down) or alternate grip (one palm up, the other palm down). Hands should be outside hip width apart.

  2. Standing with feet hip width apart, dig the big toe in each foot into the ground. 

  3. Tighten the core as much as possible, imagining that someone is about to punch you in the stomach.

  4. Allow the hips to slide back and the upper body to lean forward while keeping the barbell close enough to the body that it is sliding down your thighs. As you are descending, drive the knees outward, as this will allow you to better employ the glutes. Feel the weight being absorbed by the hips. Descend until the barbell is 2-3 inches below the kneecap, feeling for a good stretch taking place in the hamstrings.

  5. Rise up to the starting position, focusing on the hamstrings contracting and doing all of the work, NOT the lower back. Squeeze the glutes at the top by performing a posterior pelvic tilt (pointing the tailbone forward).

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