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Single Leg Hip Thrust

  1. While sitting on the ground, bring yourself to a bench and position yourself so the bench’s edge is lining the bottom of the shoulder blades. Keep the ribs down and look straight forward throughout the entire movement-- DO NOT hinge and look up at the ceiling.

  2. Lift the right leg and hold it up in the air. Press down with the left heel to drive the hips off the ground, focusing on the left glute doing all of the work. If you feel a lot of tension in the hamstrings, pull the foot in closer to the hips.

  3. At the top of the repetition, pause for a second in a locked out position and squeeze the glutes as tightly as possible with a posterior pelvic tilt. DO NOT allow your back to arch. From the side view, the knees should be directly above the heels.

  4. Descend to the starting position.

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