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B-Stance Squat

  1. Stand with the feet about hip width apart with one foot slightly behind the other foot, and toes pointed out 15-45 degrees (tailor both to what works best for your anatomy). 

  2. Sit the hips back and start bending the knees, descending until the hips are in-line with the knees from the side view.

  3. Do not allow the chest to drop and pay close attention to the even weight distribution in both feet. P

  4. Push down on the ground with the feet to return to the starting position.

  5. During the entire movement, you will want the shoulder to be aligned with the middle part of the foot (from the side view).

Note: When using a single dumbbell or kettlebell, hold at the top of the chest, similar to Goblet Squat. When using two dumbbells or kettlebells, hold them down at the sides. When using a barbell, hold bar in back squat position.

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