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Working Out With Your Better Other

On Valentine’s Day, we are reminded of the special place in our lives that our significant others take and their contributions that make each day better than the last. It is our husbands, wives, fiancés, boyfriends and girlfriends that put a smile on our faces with something as simple as a touch, and it is not unnatural that we would want that warm feeling to last as long as possible. That said, there should be no reason that the two of you should not adopt a healthier lifestyle, together; in fact, doing it together may make the transition a lot easier.

In my experience as a personal trainer, one of the most common reasons that I have noticed from people struggling to lose weight has little to do with their effort while working out and a lot more to do with what they are doing after our training sessions are complete. One of the benefits to adopting a healthier lifestyle with your significant other is that you have the advantage of having someone there to call you out when you are at home. Also, the two of you can take turns when it comes to preparing healthy meals for each week.

However, this can also become a double-edged sword. It is natural for individuals’ motivation to wane as time goes on—you may have noticed a substantial size decrease of the crowds at the gym since the New Year. When couples are working out together, and one begins to abstain from working out, it makes remaining motivated to work out far more difficult for the other party than it is for single people. One of the most important common factors for successful weight management and healthy living is consistency. Therefore, when both people in a relationship remain consistent with a healthy lifestyle, the results are substantial.

Living a healthy lifestyle with your significant other can make the entire process as satisfying as the relationship itself. However, much like the relationship, both parties must work together in order for it to work. With teamwork and consistency, realizing your fitness goals will feel more satisfying when they are achieved with the person you love.

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