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The Crisis Our Presidential Candidates Must Solve

Last week, we had the benefit of watching the Presidential primary debates for the Republican and Democratic parties. Each political party’s debate had its own, unique focus on the issues they believe that matter most to this country; the Republican side typically focuses on immigration and national security, while the Democrats target Wall Street as the cause for the economic recession. While these are, indeed, very important issues affecting our country, both parties have ignored the obesity epidemic in America.

How bad is the obesity epidemic? Long story short, two thirds of the American population is overweight—that is, individuals with a body mass index (BMI) over 25—and one-third is obese (BMI over 30). Granted that the BMI is not an exact science, such as elite athletes with large muscle mass typically fall in the “Obese” and “Overweight” categories; nonetheless, it does offer a general picture of our personal health.

Both parties argue about healthcare and healthcare reform. Each year, this country spends close to $4 trillion on healthcare! While automobile accidents and injuries at work or home are sometimes unavoidable, in many instances, chronic diseases can be prevented or minimized with adopting a healthy lifestyle. In fact, the top two causes of death in this country, heart disease and smoking, are directly related with individuals’ lifestyle choices.

While I do not propose harsh restrictions that limit our own choices, I would like to see our Presidential candidates make a better effort to solve the problems that lead to such vast amounts of money to be spent on healthcare. Let me know what you think!

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