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The Facts About Training Until Failure

If you spend any time going through fitness-related posts on social media, you will likely encounter a number of influencers and personal trainers telling you that you need to train until

failure to be able to truly reach your goals. As with a lot of the things that typical gym bros say, there is some truth to these claims for building muscle and helping with weight loss, however, in many cases, the claims are overly inflated.

The phrase, "training until failure", basically means that you are performing as many repetitions as you can until the point where you can no longer do more.

Check out my video as I go into greater detail of how training until failure might be something that you would want to add into your workout program. Personally, I love adding this for some of my own workouts, as well as for my personal training clients.

If there's something not quite clear, feel free to reach out to me at


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