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Making Time for Working Out

“I don’t have the time to work out.” If you were to ask me, what excuse have I heard above all others-- this would be it.

As a personal trainer, not only am I required to draw up effective workout routines for my clients, but also I have to be able to work with the clients to take a look at their schedules to see where we can fit in these workouts.

One of the things people must remember is that they do not have to dedicate hours and hours each day to get in shape—that kind of stuff is for the elite athletes, and not for the 9-to-5ers. For the New Year’s crowd, several of those folks can be seen at the gym for as many as three hours a day, but those same people are often the first to abandon their fitness goals because they get burned out faster than others. The amount of time spent training should be determined by a person’s level of fitness; in other words, if you have not worked out for over a year, I would not want you to be training at high intensity for an hour. Instead, I would start this person with 20-minute workouts, and, over a couple of months, that same person will, eventually, be able to train for an hour.

Also, one does not necessarily have to give up all of his/her favorite things. Living in the age of a growing on-demand market, going to the gym does not mean that you will miss out on the latest episode of your favorite show. In fact, since many of the on-demand services only show one or two commercials at a time, you may actually be saving yourself some time, as opposed to watching it on its regular broadcast; for example, an hour-long show on one of the major networks is, actually, about 45-minutes longs, and 15-minutes coming from commercials.

As with everything else related to fitness, each individual has his or her own, unique obligations. Some people have children, others are busy with managing their business, and so on; however, with a little bit of planning and moving a few things around, they can, realistically, be in the best shape of their lives without sacrificing quality time with their loved ones and professions.


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