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Muscle Protein Breakdown and Endurance Training

If you’re someone that likes to go running, but you want to keep your muscle mass— pay close attention. When you’re doing some kind of a moderate to high intensity endurance training, muscle protein synthesis (this is when muscle is built) decreases and muscle protein breakdown (muscle being broken down) increases.

To be able to salvage your muscle mass, consuming protein soon after the workout can induce muscle protein synthesis and including carbohydrates may raise insulin, thus minimizing muscle protein breakdown.

In short, doing cardio, as long as you consume protein and carbohydrates afterwards, doesn’t necessarily kill your gain. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to do cardio on days that you do not lift or at least have 8 hours in between the two.

Hope this helps, be sure to keep sending me your questions for more fitness and nutrition tips, and don’t forget to share this with your friends.


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